In-person estimate

An in-person estimate is the best way to get a concrete, guaranteed estimate. This allows you the opportunity to get a tailored, personal quote for your vehicle. It also allows for you to see the shop, meet our crew and feel comfortable with your decision with leaving your car in good hands. Please schedule an in-person estimates a minimum of two days in advance. We do estimates at our two convenient locations:
        1448 W. Cedar Ave. Denver, CO 80223
        (720) 951-3891
          6260 Progress Lane Parker, CO 80134
          (720) 236-4722

Emailed Photo Estimate

An emailed photo estimate is our most convenient estimate option. This allows us to determine if PDR best fits the demands of your vehicle’s damage and are able to give you a general estimate of what the repair will cost. All estimates must be verified in person. Here are the steps for submitting an estimate request via email:
  1. Please clean the damaged and the surrounding area.
  2. Place a sticky note or piece of colored tape directly under the dent.
  3. Stand 3-4 feet away from the damaged area.
  4. Please provide three photos of the damage from different angles: straight on, left, and right
  5. Include the following information along with the photos in your email:
  • Contact info (Name, phone number, area of town)
  • Make, Model, and Year
  • Whether the panel is made of aluminum or steel. Please check to determine if the panel To determine this, place a small magnet on the panel; if the magnet does not stick to the panel, it is constructed of aluminum (there is a 25% upcharge for aluminum panels)
*We reserve the right to adjust any estimate that is delivered through email upon closer in-person inspection. The option of ‘Email Photo Estimate’ is designed to provide an approximate estimate. We strive to keep the actual repair cost as close as possible to the initial emailed estimate.

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